Hot on the heels of their first release, the burgeoning west coast record label known as ShadowTrix Music is at it again with another bass heavy release of west coast vibes. This time, San Diego native PartyWave has struck some incredibly heady gold with his new EP, Trail Blazin’.

From start to finish, Trail Blazin’ (emphasis on the Blazin’) never loses its wonderfully weird & heavy swagger. Every track is dripping with deliciously fat subs, tripped out synths, and a warm, gangsterfied, jungle-like atmosphere that is guaranteed to get even the staunchest of bassheads on their feet.

Basshead or not, most listeners will find PartyWave’s unique, tribally influenced take on trap a startlingly refreshing splash of nuance within the endless tide of themeless & mediocre trap music ravaging the internet today. I found “Bollyhood” & “Firedrums” to be particularly outstanding.

This EP plunges you headfirst into some kind of wild ayahuasca infused ride through a futuristic hood thick with pot smoke and lush, steamy jungles echoing with the chants of your ancestors. You can practically smell the smoky, earthy goodness as this EP thumps into your brain. It’s just great. So buckle up & check out all this wonderful epicness below. Be sure to give PartyWave a follow on soundcloud as well, this guy is definitely going places!