One of the points of pride to the Atlanta house music scene is  Treasure Fingers. Synonymous with a good time, he is one of those artists that when you see him playing a party around the U.S., you know it’s going to be a good party.

His eye for talent? 100. His song selections? 100. His own productions? 100. His ability to ignite a dance floor? 100. His tastemaking skills? 100. The next logical move was to label up, and thus Psycho Disco Records was born.

The first release from Psycho Disco is an original by the label head himself entitled “Koolaid”. A repeated vocal sample declares “I’m in your house, drinking all yo’ koolaid”, which is a very apropos inaugural release as it projects the idea that Psycho Disco Records is firmly planted and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. In the video for “Koolaid,” a schlubby door-to-door salesman gets a wilder time than he expected when he drinks a mysterious beverage from a lonely housewife. Check it out below and if you are near the Atlanta area do not miss the Psycho Disco Records release party this Saturday, July 18th at The Music Room.

Treasure Fingers

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Psycho Disco

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psycho disco 

P S Y C H O   D I S C O


Treasure Fingers (Fool’s Gold Records, Defected)
Elio Stereo (I’m a House Gangster, In Real Life)
Descender (OWSLA, VAVLT)
Ralo (Digital Delight, Sultry Vibes)

Hosted by: Red Jones (W.O.L.F.)
Photos: Yen Nguyen

10pm . 21+ . $8 advance . $15 at the door . buy tickets .