OWSLA has a history of searching out acts that don’t necessarily fit within the narrow spectrum of electronic dance music – think Hundred Waters and Phuture Doom. Their latest signee follows that trend, as a vocalist who doesn’t produce – but don’t be mistaken, she is still a major collaborator in the writing process. If you haven’t seen her name yet, be prepared to see it everywhere: enter Mark Johns.

Joining the cadre of young millennials in dance music, 21-year-old Naomie Abergel has seen a startling rise in popularity in just one year.

Joining forces with Bearson, Sweater Beats, and The Glitch Mob among others has spread her name around to all the right people and she deserves every bit of success.

“I heard her music and she sounded like someone that I could really connect with,” says Skrillex. “We’ve never had anyone like her on OWSLA and with her unique sound and our friendship it’s going to be a lot of fun for us.”

Signing a deal like the one Naomie just did with OWSLA is no small feat. “I’m just happy that I finally have a sense of direction,” she says. “It came at a time when I think I needed it most. I used to be super anxious all the time, worrying ‘what am I doing with my life?’ But that feeling is gone… it’s been replaced with this feeling of peace that I’ve been waiting for all along.”

Read the whole announcement on Billboard.