HARD events has been having skyrocketing success over the past 5 years.  With notable mentions of his events Holy Ship!, HARD Summer, and HARD Day of the Dead, HARD’S founding father, Gary Richard’s, has taken the EDM scene by storm and it doesn’t seem like he is stopping anytime soon.

In a little over a week, HARD makes a stop in San Francisco with HARD SF on Thursday, July 30th, at the Armory before it kicks off HARD Summer down in Los Angeles.

HARD has always been the best at creating a lineup that makes sense. Stacking acts on top of each other creates a noticeable flow that keeps the crowd interested the entire night.  The first annual HARD SF event will kick off with the legendary pioneers, The Chemical Brothers—who are also headlining HARD Summer—and supporting acts from Brodinski and J.Phlip.

HARD SF is an event that will satisfy the masses of the Bay Area EDM fan basis.  This concoction of big beat, techno, and house is sure to hit San Francisco with a big boom from its vast variety of BPM.

For tickets to the event click here.