Tighten up those belts, Fish From Japan’s seductive EP is about to make every attempt to pry off them pants. Dirty City Nights is the latest endeavor of the English collective, and it centers around a provocative summoning to filthy house lovers.

Lionel Richie would be proud of the slinking jungle clangs to start off the EP’s namesake. Supported by a marvelously rich throttled synth, the track quickly evolves into a lascivious nightcall. Vocals creep along as staple sounds of evening life become nearly tangible amongst the blossoming oscillations. “Crying Out” is a similarly themed adventure, and rounds out the two-track EP with a welcome increase in tempo. Its brisk beat is an invigorating thread of ’80s undertones, and delectable bass notes usher along cries of unrequited yearning. If you dig throwback sounds with sharp attention paid to modern arrangements, you’re going to love this. Dirty City Nights is scheduled to release July 26th, courtesy of Misshapen.