Tasty never fails to impress, coming out now with a new massive tune all the way from Australia. Produced by Johnny Third, “Shadows” is full of beautiful melodies that offer a very refreshing break from the banality of many of today’s electro releases. Groovy bass lines and epic chords push this track forward, resulting in a near-flawless electro anthem.

“Shadows” features SEE, who provides gorgeous vocals to support Johnny Third’s production. The intro has some nice piano-like notes that ring in the background to support SEE. We’re then greeted by a high-energy drop that’s full of hard hitting bass notes and high synths. During the interlude, Johnny Third adds progressive-house style sounds, layering a melodic rhythm over a constantly pounding kick. This gives way to a softer breakdown, used to fully showcase SEE’s talents. The mixdown is on point, as the main rhythms hit hard while not overpowering the vocals. Overall, “Shadows” is a quality tune, and one you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Stream the track below or click HERE for free download!