Only five more months to go in Markus Schulz’s year-long series, and July’s tribute could be his greatest one yet. Tomorrowland has always been a personal favorite for Schulz, who once did a 12-hour open to close set on one of the Belgium festival’s many stages two years ago, and played for 16 hours total last year. This year, Markus will return to Tomorrowland, but this time on the mainstage for their Daybreak Session on Sunday morning.

In honor of this occasion, Markus’ track for July is titled “Daybreak [Boom].” Though slower than most of his usual tunes, “Daybreak” embodies all that it should in a Tomorrowland-themed tune: a slightly dark, hypnotic track that will warm-up the ravers on Day 3 as they get ready to close out the final day of the festival. Whether you’ll be in the Belgian forests of Boom this weekend, or streaming it from your computer, Markus’ latest addition to his around-the-world series will get you excited to dance until the morning light.

“Daybreak [Boom]” is out now on Coldharbour Recordings.