Breakthrough producer LiL Texas has just released a pounding club track with label One Eight Hundred titled “Gangsta Boo Club Rhythm“. With a heavy and consistent support system from some of dance music’s most esteemed contributors, and a production style all his own, LiL Texas is destined to make a significant and lasting impact as he continues forward. His release features the classic vocals from Gangsta Boo, and a hybrid rhythm that will satisfy bass music lovers from all corners of the spectrum. The track is currently up for free download here.

It begins with looped vocal cuts and ominous strikes of a piano’s low notes, quickly accompanied by a lighter arpeggio and a gun reload. The club beat enters suddenly alongside rising, bubbly blips and relentless chants. A satisfying shaker is introduced as the dynamic sub rattles underneath. The rhythm transforms into a half-time trap arrangement, with open cymbal hits and a tight snare. The cycle repeats itself with newfound energy until its close.