A new IndieGoGo campaign from Super Specific Vinyl on Demand has recently emerged with a goal of $20,850 to be collected by August 14th. They plan to offer a one-of-a-kind vinyl pressing service that allows its customers to order nearly any form of audio to be printed on a record. From custom playlists to already existing albums to personal recordings, they promise excellent sound quality and durability. Although they will not be offering artwork services, each record will come with a blank jacket that can be drawn on or Screen Printed to your heart’s desire.

Super Specific Vinyl will be offering both 7″ and 12″ stereo records, cut by lathe. There are no minimum orders and no deadlines. The service has set up a list of “perks” that can be purchased in exchange for a place in the queue. They range from $12 to $500 and include custom pressing orders of all kinds.

It means You could have us cut your best mixtape or playlist to vinyl and then you can throw it on your turntable (or give it to a friend) .

It means You could buy a “greatest hits” album of your favorite songs from your  favorite band(s)  –  you choose the bands,  you choose the songs and  you choose the order they play in.

It means if You are in a band or own a small record label you could order 10 copies of your album(s) on vinyl and put them up for sale – when you sell those 10 you could order 10 more.

It means if You are a record collector you could have us cut copies of the vinyl that is too precious to play but too goodnot to play.

It means You could write a song for your girlfriend, boyfriend or crush, record it on your phone, email us the file and we’ll put it on a 7″ 45 and send it to him/her directly.

It means, well, we haven’t thought of everything it means but you get the idea…

So far, the company has raised less than $4,000. To pledge your support, and sign up for a perk package, visit this link.


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