Just last week we regretfully announced that Ibiza would be hosting a new MTV spin-off of Jersey Shore, the notorious television reality series. Today, however, we are pleased to bring you news that Ibiza’s local government is doing all they can to prevent said show from happening.

President Vincent Torres stated, “If we can stop this, we will. It’s a matter of image, that’s what worries us,” according to The Guardian. Even a staple caterer and the opposing, left-wing party voiced their support of Torres, too. The left-leaning political movement Podemos, which literally translates to “we can,” issued an official statement on the matter, saying:

“We know that it’s hard to impede this show from being made, but we’re encouraging everyone to do what they can to avoid Ibiza Shore becoming a reality. It’s up to all of us to associate Ibiza’s name with quality tourism and avoid, as much as possible, connecting Ibiza with these kinds of stereotypes and embarrassing clichés.”

While it is clear that Ibiza hopes to maintain their glamorous reputation with a staunch resistance to this MTV program, the simple truth is that the island is not much more than a party paradise; and a show of this type was bound to crop up sooner or later. There is no denying that Ibiza Shore would be heavily watched, and heavily ridiculed – but this might just be the wake up call that the Spanish entity, Ibiza, needs.