The last time I saw Le Castle Vania together with Lumberjvck was a few months ago, as Lumberjvck nearly destroyed Avalon Hollywood opening up for Rain Man. At one point during the night, 12th Planet even made an appearance and all three went back to back for a short time. As far as opening sets go, it’s hard to find better.

But now, Le Castle Vania and Lumberjvck are going head to head on their very own collaborative EP, You Know My Name. Boasting the best that both have to offer, this EP is infused with heavy dubstep sounds and sweltering synths.

My favorite track of the bunch, by far, is “Carry On” featuring Mariana Bell. It’s not just Mariana’s vocals, who even just by herself would make for a brilliant track, the sound design on this tune is just simply incredible. Familiar effects and known entities arranged in new and innovative ways – it doesn’t get any better.

You can get the EP for free here, or you can follow the links below if you’d like to support the artists.

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