Karetus has some pretty big plans for their latest album, Piñata. For 10 weeks, they would release tracks every Wednesday until the album’s release on August 3rd, the group’s 5th birthday. At that point, the entire album would be released for free. So die hard fans can get 10 tracks right off the bat, but even those just now discovering them have the opportunity to get in on the action, free of charge.

This week’s free download is “Fyah,” a blisteringly hot dubstep tune with a nasty switch up. This track would easily be at home with either Firepower or Rottun, but Buygore has the distinct pleasure of putting this one out. The deep wobbles have their own hidden charm, somehow sounding a bit more … sincere, than a lot of other tracks with similar sounds.

Of course, my favorite part comes toward the end when Karetus bumps up the bpm and turns “Fyah” into a blazing DnB banger, ready to absolutely torch the dance floor.

Grab your free download here.