It has been quite the trend lately for artists to use alter aliases. From Lido to Marshmello, the anonoymous alias approach has given artists a chance to explore new and interesting sounds that would otherwise sound weird with their current branding. Sadly, artists become known for their “unique sound,” and when that changes, it can come off as weird or unexpected.

Therefore, alter aliases are created to fill the void for sheep-like fans who fail to understand that an artist’s sound evolves over time. But, I digress.

“It was really fun to see how everybody responded on the track without knowing it was me. Luckily for me the track was received very well haha.” 

The most recent crossover was when Oliver Heldens revealed that he was also producing music under the mysterious alias, HI-LO. The more bass driven beats resemble that of the current Los Angeles house scene and are bit darker then what you would expect from Oliver Heldens. The latest release under the alias, out now on Heldeep Records, is a up-beat rendition of “Renegade Mastah” that is seriously turning heads.

In a recent interview with UKF, Oliver Heldens went more in depth about why he made the switch and is now running two separate aliases:

  “People expect a certain sound when they listen to artists. By creating HI-LO it gave me the freedom to work on a completely new sound. It gives me the opportunity to show another side of me without letting having to let go of the Oliver Heldens sound.”

Oliver went on to explain how the alter alias will effect the new music he is working on:

“I’m working really hard on some new music. Now with a second DJ persona I’ll have to haha. There is new stuff coming up for sure. For both Oliver Heldens and HI-LO. But what’s coming is still a secret. I’m getting really good in keeping secrets.”

You can check out Oliver Helden’s latest release under his HI-LO alias below:

Read the full interview here.