I’m sure that Skrillex has faced his fair share of paparazzi by now – as one of the world’s most well-known and recognizable producer/DJs, his face has become synonymous with the rise of commercial EDM (at least to some). So it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility for Sonny to be approached on the street by someone from, let’s say … TMZ.

This time was different though. Sonny’s quick wit turned the tables on Cody the cameraman and, instead of getting asked a bunch of asinine questions, turned and interviewed Cody. The man who has probably never had that kind of reaction from a celebrity or idol or whatever was noticeably moved, saying, “Jesus, man. You made me feel, like, way really good, man.”

All it takes is a little common decency and compassion to make someone’s night, and Skrillex really seems to take that ideal to heart. Check it out below.

Image via Rukes