Music Festivals haven’t always been known to promote the best forms of human behavior. Whether it be extreme public intoxication, wild sexual deviancy, or general shitfuckery, music festivals tend bring out the best in all of us.

However, most of the blame generally falls on the crowds and generally not the artists. Day 2 Lollapalooza has given us a fun example of the blade cutting both ways. Travi$ Scott, a rapper from Houston, decided to leave his fucks at home after arriving 30 minutes late into his set. Apparently, Scott encouraged fans to ignore security and rush the stage. Generally speaking this is not sage advice. Thankfully, the situation didn’t go fully nuclear, but video suggests that some in the crowd took the bait causing chaos to break out.

Of the entire 45 minute set, Travi$ Scott only managed to get in a whopping 5-10 minutes of stage time before being kicked off by Lolla organizers. Which, to be fair is a pretty impressively small amount of time to nearly cause a riot. Well done Lolla, well done.