Sweater Beats has yet to disappoint his fans with any of his recent releases. His sound seems to rest, now, in an epically powerful future bass realm, warping ethereal vocals to fit his own cultivated vibe. Today, we see another fantastic installment that was played out at this weekend HARD Summer: a collaborative remix of Galantis’ “Runaway” with Hoodboi.

The track starts with confident piano chords and an arpeggiated blip swelling underneath. The Galantis vocals are placed front and center alongside steadily strengthening snare strikes, giving the track full width and volume. As the rise reaches it peak, we hear the familiar vocal hook. Quickly, the space explodes with a dynamic, bobbing synth and rolling hi hats. The vocals continue to hold most of the attention as the rest of the sonic environment pushes and pulls around them. The energy is reduced to a simmer, with fast-paced percussive arrangements that eventually lead back into the core rhythm for the next build. The cycle repeats itself, while the piano returns to carry the listener to the track’s close.