The music video for Calvin Harris’s latest collaboration “How Deep Is Your Love” has now reached the public, and it’s trippy as all hell.

Officially released as a TIDAL exclusive, the video has already been downloaded and shared elsewhere. It features Gigi Hadid – rumored to represent Taylor Swift, though we can’t really say how accurate that isĀ – as a confused woman, waking up in an unknown place and finding her own path. Though that might sound like the beginning of a sexual assault horror movie, it’s actually pretty refreshing that there is no romantic interest in this video whatsoever, despite the song’s title.

This isn’t Gigi’s first foray into music video territory, as she also made a cameo in Tay’s “Bad Blood” video.

Gigi’s character moves through various setting in a seemingly disjointed manner, ending up in a nightclub, on a yacht, in a grow room, a motorcycle repair shop and a house party. My one gripe with the video is that we never actually find out how deep her love is… shame.

Check it out below.

In addition to the music video, Calvin Harris & TIDAL are giving away tickets to his show at Hakkasan on September 19th. The trip includes airfare for two (2) to Las Vegas, NV (economy class) and a hotel room (standard, one room, double occupancy) the evening of the concert. You can find all the rules here.


Image via Rukes