Lucky Date is a name that needs little introduction. The Bay Area producer has been in the game for well over 5 years, releasing a number of electro bangers and over 50 episodes of his Who’s Lucky radio series. Lucky Date’s newest release, “I Like You,” comes courtesy of Revealed Records, and features Sabrina Signs on vocal duty. It’s a main stage crowd pleaser that offers a refreshing break from a lot of today’s generic big-room tracks.

“I Like You” starts off with a nice piano line over a simple kick pattern. Occasional synth plucks in the background really help establish an electro/progressive house vibe from the beginning. Sabrina Signs’s singing comes in over Lucky Date’s running synths, which can be described as both aggressive and melodic. Her voice adds nice harmonies, while the supporting sounds add much-needed energy to the mix. The drop plays off these same synths, utilizing their dynamic nature to get the crowd moving. A constant kick plays underneath it all, really driving the high-energy pace of this tune home. Any fans of electro-house or those that lean towards main stage should not skip out on this one, it’s sure to be an ear-pleaser!

Stream the track below or head to Beatport to purchase!