Borgore’s latest release on Armada of all places, a collab with Addison (the return of producer Schoolboy), left a lot of fans scratching their head. It didn’t make sense that an artist like Borgore would make progressive house. Though producers should definitely be able to make whatever they damn well please, progressive house and Borgore seem to go together like peanut butter and an asthma inhaler – it just doesn’t make sense.

Good news though, he’s back to his 2010-2011 sound, with a bit of modern riddim flair thrown in. His newest single and free download, “Goddess,” features production help from Half Empty with Pouya on vocal duty, taking the role of the dirty talker. As for the beats, they’re as filthy as a nympho and as grimey as some of my favorite tingz.

This is the Asaf Borger we fell in love with five years ago. Welcome back.