(Original Photo By: Otto van den Toorn of Ottografie)

The term “dynamic duo” dates back to Batman and Robin saving Gotham City one villain at a time.  For decades, this term has developed into something that is meaningful to regular human beings.  It is all about inspiring one another to being the best version of him/herself that one can be.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano (SJRM) are, by definition, a killer dynamic duo –just like our beloved comic book heroes.  Their story of hanging with their partner in crime (PIC) and making moves in the music industry consists of friendship, respect, persistence, and love for the craft of music.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Sunnery and Ryan had pretty typical lives–growing up with dreams of becoming astronauts and professional soccer players.  But, as we all know, these types of dreams are far from reach for the majority of us and our old dreams evolve into new ones.  For SJRM, these “far-fetched” dreams were short-lived and eventually evolved into a burning passion for music.

Sunnery and Ryan fell in love with electronic music at a young age.  By 2007, they both quit their day jobs in retail to join forces and take on their music careers together.  It was obvious from day one that climbing the electronic music hierarchy would be a long and trying journey.  The Netherlands is loaded with legendary artists such as Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Afrojack, Hardwell, and many more.  They exclaim, “There’s so many great acts from here that you can sort of get lost amongst all of the others.”

For some duos, it can be difficult to look past each other’s differences and can hinder the creative process.  For Sunnery and Ryan, however, they consider it to be one of the best ways to make music.   They said, “We feel like the extra opinion is just a positive factor in our artistic career. Sometimes you can get caught up in something that’s just not right while you’re making a track or playing a set and having another objective mind listening to it at the same time ensures that something is cut off as soon as it goes wrong. We just try to complement each other instead of butt heads.”

The electronic music world has changed a lot since their entrance in 2007.  The sound that SJRM started with isn’t quite what their sound is today.  However, through this evolution, they are still able to make music without compromising their sound.  Producing and playing what they like doesn’t seem to be an issue at stake.  Fans may or may not like the new sound but that is the evolution of electronic music.  “…it wouldn’t make any artistic sense to continue making the same music if we didn’t love it, you’d hear it in the quality of our productions and live sets,” they state.

As the dynamic duo continues to rise in electronic music, they hope to leave a lasting impression on aspiring DJs/producers and the scene in general.  Sunnery and Ryan hope that other people can be inspired to take risks, like they did, in going after their dreams in electronic music.  They put themselves out there when Dutch artists like Afrojack and Tiesto are completely dominating the global market.  And, they have made it–in the Netherlands as well as gaining recognition all over the world.  Through trial and error, good times and bad times, and thick and thin, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano are a prime example of true friends and partners in crime until the very end.