It’s really no secret that the main stages of festivals cater to the widest variety of people and the most basic sounds, not least of all is Tomorrowland, which catered to over 350,000 this year. The festival’s main stage is known for its enormous production quality that features only the top-paid DJs of the year, and you get exactly what you go for – expecting to hear anything other than commercial house or its derivatives would be a mistake.

Seth Troxler, known “activist” for the dance music community, visited the main stage at Tomorrowland during Dyro’s set and likened it to “sonic ear rape.” When the video reached critical mass and finally found its way to Dyro himself, the producer said:

Didn’t know I was cool enough to have Seth Troxler hate on my music, thanks for the compliment! Next time tell me when you’re around and I’ll play you some vengeance loops.

It’s not a deadmau5-level diss, but we’ll give him credit.

Dyro | Facebook

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