Goshfather & Jinco are known for their bass heavy beats, with most of the duo’s productions leaning more towards the trap side of things (although they definitely know their way around a house tune). On the other side of the spectrum we have 1DAFUL, a Canadian duo that excel at making no bullshit house music. What do you get when you throw these four into the studio together? A massive G-House banger called “Uber.”

Thrown out the window are the overused sounds of today’s ‘top’ house hits. Instead of ‘playing it safe’ and hopping on the now over-capacity deep house bandwagon, Goshfather & Jinco and 1DAFUL decided to blend the old with the new, focusing on throwback house sounds with a future flair. They utilize a humerous vocal line that can be heard repeating “Your girl just got an Uber and she’s taking it to my place” throughout the track. However, the main focus of “Uber” are the infectious hooks. Simple yet engaging, they’re guaranteed to make heads bob and feet shuffle.

Check out the track below or click HERE for free download!

In addition to releasing “Uber,” Goshfather & Jinco have also announced a new 24-date tour. The duo will stop off in many of the country’s major cities and a few in the Caribbean. For a list of all the dates, check the image at the top of the page!

Goshfather & Jinco: