By now, SMLE is a name you should definitely be familiar with. Known for his bright and melodic productions, he recently decided to wipe his slate clean and refresh his Soundcloud presence. Now, he’s returned with three stunning new tracks in the last month, each with their own unique voice and style. His most recent upload, titled “With Me“, is an intimate future bass crooner with passionate vocal accompaniment by Hype Turner and Mary Ellen. The track is currently up for free download.

It begins with distant clacks, high-pitched jingles, and a subtly swelling synth that quickly implodes into an expressive series of sweeps and pulls. Hype Turner’s vocals rest front and center above the cascades of arpeggios and simplistic percussion arrangement. Record scratches, bubble pops, and marimba hits echo around the space until the song reduces back to a simmer. Mary Ellen takes over in front of far off licks of electric guitar. She and Hype Turner take turns singing over each other in a back and forth conversational approach. SMLE’s vibe swells once more, and releases back into the break with newfound energy and life. Piano chords and the metallic jingling return to carry the listener to the close.

Download the track for free here!