Disco Fries are back, this time bringing along a pair of up-and-coming singers to the masses. The Command Sisters are 16 and 19 year old sisters who have won numerous singing contests across Canada. Disco Fries realized the siblings’ potential and recruited them for their newest track, “Earthquake,” out on Armada today, with stellar results.

The Command Sisters take the reins from the very get-go, delivering a remarkable vocal track over Disco Fries’ epic piano chord progression. The producers lay down very atmospheric and emotional sounds; the perfect backdrop for the sisters’ full-bodied singing. The drop is a progressive insta-classic, chock full of beautiful glides and melodies. A simple but constant kick and snare pattern drive the beat, while the synth work rings out on top. The talent involved on this tune is tremendous and the result is a stunning progressive-house masterpiece; “Earthquake” really is a song that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Stream the track below or head over to Beatport or iTunes to purchase!