Over the Last year Cazzette has demonstrated a fantastic knack for diversity. Despite recently reinventing their sound, Cazzette shows no signs of stopping their path of innovation. Enter their latest EP ‘Desserts’

At its core Desserts is a house release, with some very solid tunes and a few tricks up its sleeve. Starting off with the pleasantly surprising ‘Together,’ which in my mind is the highlight track of the EP. Together throws a bit of a Piano House juke, before dropping into a mallet bassline. Add in a healthy pinch of deep pitched vocals and you’ve got an instant classic.

Genius is a bit of a departure from the ping pong bass house sound. This thune blends a bit of a nu-disco sound with that of low tempo filter house. More funky vibes than together, so if you like the twang of funk guitar, this one just might be for you.

State of Bliss is probably the most layered steady beat piece on the EP. A little bit of a chorded bass gets a nice pluck arpeggio backing and a bit of a two-step garage beat to it. Of course there’s a bit of deep pitched vocals, what’s not to like here?

Solo Para Ti is just a fancy foreigney way of saying ‘Just For You’ and also happens to feature wailing female vox. Some what of a Cantata vibe on this one, with some cool nylon guitar backing to it. Solo Para Ti has a bit of Latin and/or Italian flavor to it, which works quite well with the deeper style bass. Somewhat haunting, but still club ready.

Dancing With Your Ghost is perhaps the only song on the EP that doesn’t quite do it for me. This is not to say that it’s a bad track, I just personally feel that the track trips up a bit with what I can imagine was a solid attempt at a ‘non-edm’ more pop sensible track. However, some people might really enjoy the spaced out percussion and more indie-pop vocals. But, the ‘bonus track’ which is an excellent remix by Spencer Brown really seems to carry this creative concept to its full potential. The proglectro vibes are very subdued but the bassline and atmosphere absolutely work in this context. The build isn’t too absurd and drops more like a progressive tune than a hands up bigroom nightmare.

All in all, Cazzette has delivered some serious sweetness Desserts. Be sure to peep it below via Spotify!