Greetings fellow bassheads! We hope festival season has been treating you all as excellently as it has us. Throughout our travels up and down the west coast this year, we’ve encountered some truly amazing underground talent that we feel deserves much more of a spotlight than it’s been getting. That’s why I am so proud to announce the launch of our new project West Coast Wednesdays, where we will showcase some of the hottest releases from some of the west coasts best and brightest underground musicians. Some weeks we will also feature an artist interview, an album review, or even an exclusive free download for you to check out alongside our weekly top 5. However, in the spirit of awesomeness, and to celebrate the launch of this new project, this week we’ll be doing all four of those things at once.

Below, you will find a list of some of our favorite recent releases by a variety of underground west coast musicians. To check out our debut album review of G Jones’ brand new EP click Here, and to check out our exclusive interview with west coast up and comer Wu Wei and  to grab your free download, click Here.

Before we get started it should be noted that this is an editorial, so before any panties get wadded, remember that these are just the opinions of some long time bassheads who want to do the scene justice.

1. First up, and in no particular order, is the new Shades EP from west coast legend Eprom & Belgian badman Alix Perez. These two absolutely scrubbed our brains with this one. Each track features and insane array of effects and head scratchingly, disgustingly filthy baselines that feel like they should be illegal. Shades isn’t just the name of the EP either, it’s the name of their new supergroup. So we can look forward to even more insanity from them down the road. Grab the EP here, and check out our favorite track below.

2. Next, is a banger of a track from one of our new favorites, Jackal. Although he grew up in England, this young bass music mastermind has recently brought his wonderfully weird and crunked up style to LA, and we can’t get enough of it. His most recent track, “Animal Style”, is a wild and crunchy banger that is guaranteed to slap a smile of your face while you jump around your living room and or workplace. Enjoy!

3. Next up, we have two remixes off of the Snails & Herobust ‘Pump This’ remix album. These two bassline house artists, Ghastly & Drezo, are both based out of  SoCal and work together frequently. We’re not usually big fans of bassline/deep house, but this sh*t is dope as f*ck, and we hope you think so too.

4. At number four is one of our absolute favorites, Mr. G Jones, with an 11 track, out of this world EP that we won’t even start to get into right now because you can read the full in depth review right Here. You should still check out this ‘Mirage Ultra’ VIP though. It might just be our favorite track of the year.

5. Our next favorite is an incredibly heavy remix of NorCal favorite Say Ers’ track Blink. This flip by Sebastapool native, Shlump, has been all over the underground bass circuit this summer and it’s not hard to hear why. Approach this one with caution.

6. Finally in our list of recent favorites is a release from one the best producers in the game, Tsuruda. This guy has earned a very special place in our hearts over the years with his incredible musical talent. In fact, we love him so much that we’ve included two songs of his for you to enjoy rather than just one. Do not sleep on this amazing musician.

So there you have it, a little bit of a taste of what we’re going to be showcasing every week as festival season winds down. The only difference is that our top 5’s will be on the newest weekly releases instead of going back a month or two like we did here to kick things off. This means you can look forward to at least 5 great new releases a week to help you fight off that post festival depression we all know and hate so much. So until next week, be well bassfam!