Based in Washington D.C., collective Proper Vibes has become the new kid on the block among a string of unique and individual collectives popping up around the country. With a small yet dedicated follower base under its wings, their solid roster of artists is beginning to gain momentum and recognition for their passionate productions and distinct musical perspective. Their latest release comes in the form of a sample-saturated gospel remix of Leven Kali‘s “Bruce Lee” by resident contributors Keylow and Lean Quatifah. Utilizing complex vocal arrangements and a consistently interesting song structure, this track breathes new life and purpose into the original. It’s currently up for free download here.

It begins with hard struck piano chords, a jazz-infused introduction to the accompanying layered synths and light percussion to follow. A harmonizing group of vocalists enter the space with confidence, creating an infectious blend of words and tones. They are looped short before they lead into the break, which is characterized by its silences hidden within the rhythm. Hi hat rolls, chopped vocals, and a steady sub bass give the drop a timeless flow and allow for lengthy additions to be made to it without growing tired. The vocals reenter and take center stage before the drop repeats, always resting above the piano chords from the start.

Download the track for free here!