West Coast bass music has always been a defining style in the electronic music scene and it’s artists like Shlump that keep the trend rolling. His latest EP (out now via Saturate! Records) is a non-stop, Space Invader-style assault on any sound system or set of eardrums it touches and we simply can’t get enough.

Accurately entitled Alien Shit, the release is an addictive continuation of Shlump‘s signature style: other-worldly synths and mutated sound waves combined with unstoppable, booming bass lines. The sound design here can only be described as raw; even the more laid-back tunes are tinged with an unmistakable edge. Over the course of nine original tracks, this Northern California bass hustler will abduct your mind and have your body grooving uncontrollably; and then a fleet of remixers appear. It’s all West Coast fam for this segment, featuring reworks from Trevor Kelly, Sayer, and The OriGinALz. So, if you’re looking for a taste of the latest trends in West Coast bass music, you’ve come to the right place; check out the full stream of Alien Shit below and a grab a copy of your own on the Saturate! Records Bandcamp.


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