Geist are an LA-based trio responsible for a number of dark but sexy house releases. Their newest effort, which features groovy basslines and samples from The Notorious B.I.G. himself, is truly one for the books. “Nasty Girl” delivers some infectious hooks that are guaranteed to get your head bobbing to its minimal beat.

The track goes hard from the get-go, unleashing its heavy low notes after a short intro of claps. Notorious’s instantly-recognizable voice soon enters the mix, hyping things up to 11. The sampling makes the song, as it may have been a bit too repetitive if Biggie was left out. But, when you add his verses to the track, the ominous rhythms soon turn into the funkiest of rap beats. This is a tune that shouldn’t be overlooked, perfect for getting things going at your next back-to-school party.

Stream “Nasty Girl” below or click HERE to download for free!