‘Flicker’ is easily one of the most memorable songs on Porter Robinson’s Worlds, let alone in his live sets, but after dozens of listens, it was just begging for the right remix.

Along comes Nitro Fun… and so begins another episode of Fresh Beets. On this episode: froyo.

This young producer wastes no time getting right into the meat of the track – or in this case yogurt – setting up a brief intro to get you situated and then unleashing the fury of his productions. The real treat of this remix lies not in his future-esque interpretation of the track, but certainly in the little effects and samples he adds in – the Yoshi squeaks, the meows, the pops, the live edit vocals, all the small things. It’s super sweet and delicious, and with so many toppings to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed.

But if you go back to the store again and again, as I’m sure you will, you’ll be able to appreciate the nuances in each flavor and how they ultimately come to complement the original product.

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