Let’s face it, unless you make a fierce commitment to sticking together, you will lose track of your friends at a music festival. Happens to everyone, hence totems, rendezvous points, and the slew of other tactics attendees employ to combat the inevitable. Now, Pepsi has come up with a genius contraption to make it even easier to find your squad.

Teaming up with English ad agency AMV BBDO, the beverage behemoth created The Friend Finder, a drone/blimp specifically aimed at solving the most common festival problem. Essentially a flying screen, The Friend Finder is like a real life Navi (thank you Zelda fans), guiding lost attendees with visual cues as it floats to their destination. It’s controlled via the accompanying smartphone app, and if festivals begin commercializing their airspace, this could be a serious game changer. Check out the video below to watch The Friend Finder in action at London’s New Look Wireless Festival.


H/T Gizmodo