There’s nothing as tasteful as music that blurs genres; music that encompasses so much influence and creativity that you can’t help but feel confused yet exhilarated after hearing a song. It takes balls, people, to produce for the sound most authentic to you and not anyone else. That’s what you get with Rochester, NY based group, Kopps. They’ve build quite a following both at home and abroad, especially after their appearance on Joywave‘s 2013 smash, “Tongues”, overall encompassing an experimental, indie, and electronic feel with a thundering sound.

I couldn’t be happier to premiere their brand new single, “My Gold”, off their upcoming EP, ‘The Sound Of Music’, out September 25. A distorted, spine-tingling groove directs the track as the group seams each vocal and synth element in perfectly. You’ll never know what’s coming next in this one. Not only will the production steal your ears the minute you press play, but the edginess of the vocals and booming presence of a grungy drum kit really shape this track into a true gem.

Listen below and stay tuned for their upcoming EP, ‘The Sound Of Music’, arriving 9/25!