Electronic music now pervades every imaginable genre, influencing everything from pop to country. Hip-hop has been very kind to EDM in the past few years, and the blend of the genres continually create innovative styles never heard before in either genre. A Chicago producer by the name of DJ Caleeb released a new track that deftly infuses a house production with hip-hop style, and it deserves very high praise.

DJ Caleeb weaves features from several different genres into “Tonight (Slow It Down)”, and the risks pay off handsomely. Despite incorporating everything from high hats fit for a Chicago house club to a soft trap breakdown, the track never feels overwhelming. Kace helps out with the production, and JaymieKK’s vocals give distinct power to a mid-track beat switch imbued with the smoothness of silk.

“Tonight (Slow It Down)” represents the first release off DJ Caleeb’s upcoming EP INTRO|spection, a release for which we eagerly await its release. Listen to “Tonight (Slow It Down)” below, and make sure to download the track for free: