Wax Future, formerly known as [email protected] Music, is releasing their second stunning EP today on Funkadelphia Recordings.  The Keep The Memories EP features 6 tracks, each with their own story to tell. Similar to the trio’s first EP The Human Element, Keep The Memories is a groovy, hip-hop infused, yet impassioned and soulful musical expression of life.

With funky synths, the minimal repetition of catchy lyrics, and a glitch hop vibe, each track on the EP takes listeners on their own unique journey through the melodies. Wax Future excels at capturing stories and evoking emotion with their sounds, something that is often missing from electronic music today. Although Wax Future is just getting their feet wet, their style and skill is nothing short of sonic pleasure, and can be compared to the likes of Pretty Lights and Griz.

Check out the full EP below, pay as you please to purchase it here, and keep your eyes peeled for future releases and live shows from this talented trio. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.