Unfortunately, nowadays it’s a ballsy maneuver for producers to push an album. More power to those who do, though. One such act who has recently come out with an album that is needing your attention is Stylust Beats who put forth the Heatrocks project through Sleeveless Records.

Stylust Beats mixes it up with solo tracks, as well as collaborations, which include people like Lafa Taylor, I.Y.F.F.E, Truth, Shinji and more. with a dozen tracks total, there’s a whole lot of quality music to listen to on Heatrocks. For fans of trap, this project is stocked full of goodies within that style, along with some ventures into future, and hip-hop. It is a well-rounded album that will take you by surprise. Give it a full listen through, and you won’t be disappointed. When you’ve come to the end and your ears are satisfied, go on through the link below and download Heatrocks for free.

Free Download