Ryan CollinsBIJOU, and Thee Cool Cats have all played apart in this awesome new remix released on Dear Deer Records. The track “Don’t Kill My Vibe” was an original of Thee Cool Cats, and Ryan Collins and BIJOU have put their own twist on it for us all to hear.

This track is glorious, as it provides the best of both deep house and indie dance genres. It’s positively chill in the coolest way possible. It has this smooth essence to it that’s just inescapable. It’s definitely a fact that your vibes will not be killed by listening to this jam. Although the Soundcloud version only presents the first minute or so of the track, you can download the full version on Beatport. BIJOU and Ryan Collins nailed this remix, and I love the teamwork and effort put into this remix. You don’t lose the sweet goodness of The Cool Cat’s rhythm, you only add more into this very well put together collaboration. Check out more from these incredible artists by following them on their social media links below, and grab this track on Beatport now.

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Ryan Collins
Thee Cool Cats