What exactly occurs when you experiment so deeply into music production that not even a sub-genre can classify your catalogue? What specifically can one expect when ableton sessions become not those of standard expectations, but those of story-telling? Billain has always been a drum and bass name synonymous to theatrical musicality. In the coming years, he began to undergo a maturity process through the underground by practicing graffiti, drawing and eventually diving into the world of music production.

Fast-forward to last year, and his years of jaw-dropping creativity presented itself to the fullest extent with his massive Colossus EP. The incredible response he had received set a standard that proved his vision into the darker side of drum and bass was a threshold rarely crossed before. Billain sought to demonstrate that his productions were not meant to be “tracks” or even “songs” in most cases- but were created as research projects. His deep-rooted obsessions with precise musical perfection confirms his works belong to no specific side of the spectrum-but completely off the grid.

Now, Billain is back stronger than ever. With ever so present references to Battlestar Galactica, Adis aims to paint an otherworldly story with his brand new four-track EP entitled Colonize¬†– and boy does he. All four tracks hold a centralized theme that cut raw into the listener’s headsets while painting an ominous inception of a space mission with no sign of return. Tearing perceptions of how the majority of drum and bass songs “drop”, Billain masterfully executes deep-cutting synth layouts and tightly packed drums to create an aggressive atmosphere like rarely created before. While all four tracks are sure to be EatBrain favorites, “Kingston Drones” shook my perspectives the most. With ominous, yet nearly inaudible vocal chops and cosmic basslines, this tune sets listeners on a journey into his own mind.

This EP will be released on the 14th of September.