A self-proclaimed “electro-swashbuckler supremo”, Russian producer Brig has just released his latest track through Daily Earfood called “Contrition“. During his complicated take on the complextro-oriented dubstep sound, Brig is able to include his own unique personality and musical voice. The rhythm is simple, but the synth components and combinations leave little to be desired. Download “Contrition” for free here.

The track begins with an arpeggiated synth that slowly grows in strength while elements of noise and bass ring out underneath. Atmospheric elements are added alongside distant falsetto voices, until only the kick drum and light cymbals remain. The build begins, snares hammering alongside swells of synth. The drop explodes into the space with countless different patterns and noises, all whirring around one another in perfect sync. The heavy kick drum and snare keep heads bobbing while the vocals from the introduction make sporadic appearances. Eventually, the drop is stripped down to minimal components. It quickly returns however, with newfound energy and life.

Download the track for free here!