Billboard just completed a survey of A-list business professionals in the music industry, and the results are in. The inaugural questionnaire highlights several moot points about the industry, many of them residing within the realm of pop and mainstream genres as you might expect. Click here for the full report, and read on for the Spark Notes version of the survey.

Amongst the data points are numerous factoids about T-Swift, how Lady Gaga should be running a company, and the disparity in fair treatment to artists. However, there were a few questions in particular that we found quite amusing… 

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Despite cashing in on the lucrative combination of electronic and pop, industry moguls still despise both genres, though their hate for rap takes precedence. Still, the effect of electronic dance music on the mainstream is undeniable, and there’s usually at least one pesky dance track populating the Top 100. Currently it’s Major Lazer’s “Lean On,” but Jack Ü is still hanging in there with their Bieber collab. While it seems a tad hypocritical, the survey is anonymous, so who’s to know exactly where these answers are coming from.

Continuing down the list, it seems an alarming number of professionals have the tech proficiency of a 14-year-old. Considering that most producers are now starting the grind around this age, it might be time to up the savvy factor. Maybe take a lesson from Black SummerScreen Shot 2015-09-04 at 5.01.07 PM

But the real question we’re after regards the persisting Tidal, and its chances of survival. With only 58% of respondents saying the music industry is unfair to artists, it’s no wonder that the only artist-owned streaming service is predicted for such an early failure.

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H/T Billboard