A few years ago in a cramped bedroom studio, Guy and Howard Lawrence produced an album which became a certified EDM classic, and would propel them into the spotlight worldwide.

Settle was a breakthrough for Disclosure with ‘Latch’, ‘White Noise’, ‘You & Me’, ‘Voices’, ‘F For You’ and ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’, just to name a few, ranking among the hottest singles of the year. Disclosure was the sound of 2013, and Settle still gets radio play today. With global appreciation in the charts and the underground scenes, Disclosure’s success was enviable for such newcomers.

Today, the boys are ready to release their second album Caracal with singles ‘Omen’ and ‘Holding On’ charting across the globe. Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige may have returned, but Caracal won’t be bringing the old gang back together. Disclosure has enlisted new established singers and some you may not know yet.

The breakout star of 2015, The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) has recorded ‘Nocturnal’, a track produced in New York and it’s the only track not made in the UK. Composed in Alicia Keys’ studio, the brothers promise ‘Nocturnal’ will feature the Manhattan vibes they and The Weeknd were feeling at the time.

After their performance at the BRIT Awards it only seemed right Lorde will join the Disclosure roster for Caracal. The singer also had a successful year in 2013, and their song ‘Magnets’ will explore the phrase, “the point of no return.” Elaborating on the concept behind ‘Magnets,’ Guy explained, “I’m out there now, I better fully go for this.” So whether Lorde sings about struggling with attraction for “moral reasons” in inappropriate relationships, you wonder if ‘Magnets’ also has an element of the pressure Disclosure face in having to match Settle‘s success.

‘Latch’ shoved Sam Smith into the limelight, and to record ‘Omen’ he arrived at the studio with his posse of security guards which is certainly different to how things were 3 years ago. But what hasn’t changed is the wish to create good music, and Guy assures all ego was left behind the studio doors:

“I think that was the best thing about ‘Omen’ that it really cemented the fact that ‘Latch’ wasn’t just a one time thing. I think the partnership between us and Sam is going to continue for a long time.”

Sam Smith found success through Disclosure, and the brothers have enlisted new singers who could be about to hit the big time too. With a BandCamp account discovery, a download of an EP and a chance move to London, Jordan Rakei will perform vocals on ‘Masterpiece’. Guy has immense enthusiasm for the work they did, and is thrilled they click together so well.

Disclosure also explained how the surprisingly down-to-earth Mary J. Blige conducts her business:

“She comes to the studio, and she’s got her entourage with her, but then she’s like, ‘Everyone get out,’ and just sits in the room with us and writes the best song we can write. She drops everything at the door, which is exactly how it should be.”

She will provide vocals on ‘Right Now’, and previously the three worked on ‘Follow’, a track from Mary’s album The London Sessions. The brothers have expressed disbelief of how a superstar like Mary J. Blige is so enthusiastic about working with “two white guys from Surrey.”

Caracal will land September 25th, and you can read the full story on some of their hottest tunes at Entertainment Weekly.