He’s baaaaaaaaaaack…

Rusko just surprised everyone on the planet with this one. Taking the original from Ivy Levan, a singer/songwriter from Arkansas, Rusko remixed the track “27 Club” into an unassuming drum & bass banger.

Leaving Ivy’s vocals untouched an unprocessed, he lures you in with an innocent chord progression and uplifting rhythms, but no one saw this drop coming. No one. Mixing old school vibes with new school sounds and processing, this is a new-age anthem for a jaded crowd.

I asked Rusko why the sudden drum & bass release, and what does this mean for the near future…

After years of making music inspired by dnb and garage, I’m just taking it back to basics.

Perfect answer, to both questions.

Rusko is set to perform a special back to back set with none other than Caspa in Los Angeles on October 15th. Get tickets while they last here.