What’s crackin’ bassfam? It’s time once again for another fantastic installment of West Coast Wednesday! This week, in addition to our 5 favorite west coast releases, we also have an exclusive free remix of Excision & Datsik’s “Swagga” that you can grab Here. Now then, let’s get started.

First up, and as usual, in no particular order; is a wild and gritty ride through the world of Trapstep courtesy of California bass music darlings, Ookay & Getter. Premiering today on Thissongissick, the track entitled, “World” starts out with a vocal build that definitely echoes back to both artists’ heavier, more acoustic roots. However, this tune does not hesitate to get downright disgustingly filthy at the drops. It’s plain to hear just how much fun these two had making this epic piece of music, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Next, we’re going way, way out west to Honolulu, where the young trap lord Graves has been on f*cking fire all year long. Graves and Mr. Carmack are playing on just about the same level right now, and that is f*cking huge to say for anyone who loves this music as much as we do. This bright, gritty, futuristically trapped out and sub heavy style of music that Carmack introduced us too has been all over the place since it’s debut a few years ago. However it’s rarely expanded upon and customized so much at we begin to understand that this a actually a genre and not just one guy among a shitload of copycats. So be sure to grab these free downloads below, and do not hesitate to follow Graves for more amazingness like this.

Next up is a compilation that actually came out last week but for some untold reason, *cough* we managed to miss. To celebrate it’s 100th release, the notorious San Francisco label known as MalLabel Music, released a compilation of some of the hottest new bass music tracks from the bay area and beyond. Featuring tracks from Chase Manhattan, Smash & Grab, and Muppet Punk this compilation is a must have for any true basshead. Grab it below, and feel free to check out this amazing review by one of our favorite trap blogs The Dankles right Here.

Our next song comes from Bay area superstar, Minnesota; an artist who’s undoubtedly become one of the bay areas most beloved producers over the past few years. Known for his uniquely beautiful, & glitchy style of bass music, as well as his incredibly energetic skill as a performer, Minnesota is an artist that were always excited to hear more from. This time, he’s hit us with a beautifully ambient and bass warm version of ASTR’s “Activate Me”. The wonderfully smooth synths & deep female vocals are just a few things that make this track perfect for your post Netflix playlist. Enjoy.

Finally, as we’ve spoken of the devil, naturally, he must appear. Last week, the myth & legend Mr. Carmack released an incredible mix on Soundcloud entitled “Queen of Hearts”, with an enigmatic description in the caption. However these beats or this mix came about, we are eternally grateful to this Hawaii based badman for blessing us with it. If you don’t know Carmack already, this is the perfect place to get started. Even if you’re already a fan you should really buckle up because this one is really something special. Enjoy!

That’s all the time we have for this week. So until next time bassfam, be well and live well!