What’s up bassheads? We’re back again with more exclusive content for you after our one week Burning Man hiatus. This time, we are very pleased to present to you a squishy, bubbly, bass filled banger of a remix from the┬áNorCal┬ábadman, Suds. Excision & Datsik’s “Swagga” is a legendary track, pure and simple. For me, it was one of the first songs that really got me into the robotic filth genre, and I’ll bet I’m not alone on that. After Datsik’s trap remix of the tune (which still crushes nightclubs to this day), I was pretty sure that there was no other way I’d like to hear this one flipped. That is, until I saw Suds at Emissions this summer; and he blew me away with this darkly weird and heavy remix. So grab the free download below, and give Suds a follow if you know what’s good for ya, because he’s coming up very, very quickly.