Aylen and Baewatch recently joined forces to create a high-energy tune guaranteed to have crowds bobbing their heads in approval. The three producers have teamed up before, laying down some heavy trap in a bootleg of UZ’sTrap Shit V22.” They’ve decided to do things differently this time around, creating a simple yet extremely engaging house beat called “How I Roll.”

The song starts off with a steady drum beat mixed with G-house stabs, setting up the head-bobbing vibes from the very beginning. The drop brings the same stab sounds with a more complex rhythm, a trend that continues throughout the entire track. The repetitive nature of house tracks usually gets on my nerves, but there’s something about “How I Roll” that kept my interest. The fact that a very similar synth was used throughout had me trying to guess how Aylen and Baewatch would use it next, rather than wondering why it was being used. Each break brings a change in the rhythm, resulting in a refreshing tune that’s sure to bring back the summer festival vibes we’ve all been longing for.

Stream the track below or click HERE to purchase!