Summer Was Fun got his musical debut on Monstercat with his last release “Watching”, and it was absolutely sensational. I was really surprised to see him on MCAT, but excited for his musical journey kicking off with the right label. Now, Summer Was Fun has released his second tune, “Run To You” featuring the lovely vocal stylings of Meron Ryan. This track is definitely an uplifting and true progressive house track. It’s really unique though, which is hard to find these days. It has this nostalgic sort of vibe to it as well, so it was definitely a perfect way to close out the season and to welcome autumn. It’s fun and upbeat, while still providing all of the feels you know and love when you listen to a progressive tune. I am really excited for Summer Was Fun, and I am so glad he’s found a home with Monstercat. Be sure to check out more from Summer Was Fun by following him on the social media links below!