Hawaiian producer Graves is quickly becoming a veteran of the production circuit, his style being defined and reimagined with every new track he puts out. Following the success of his recent collaboration with AYA titled “Truth,” Graves has returned to Soundcloud with a brand new original. “Dong Song” is a whirling array of sample loops and heavy rhythmic elements that give way to a thumping and stank-face-inducing trap beat. It is currently up for free download here.

The track begins with a distant and distorted vocal chop alongside plucks of a harsh string and a loop of background tones. A tight snare roll brings us quickly into the drop while the vocals become the center of the track’s focus, repeating the phrase “If I didn’t smell so good, would you still love me?” The kick and sub bass rest warmly underneath the rhythm, providing a heavy and punchy anchor for the rest of the song. Most of the elements are stripped away briefly, but are brought back with a new inclusion of vocals behind the mains. The snare slaps in front of the mix, and a fluid, evolving pad carries the track to its close.

Download the track here for free!