Bad Royale are back with another huge trap remix, and as always, they fail to disappoint. They’ve taken on “Gold Dust” by Galantis, turning the upbeat house-y original into a certified trap banger full of beautiful melodies, stunning vocal samples, and a whole lot of bass.

Bad Royale’s “Gold Dust” remix starts off with a nice ambient arrangement, ringing out in support of Galantis’s vocal track. The introduction of some moombah-like drums gives a hint of the bass frenzy that’s about to come. A simple build gives way to a (somewhat unexpected) massive trap drop featuring pitched vocal chops, punchy kicks, and an absolutely enormous sub that blasts its way through the mix. Bad Royale have transformed this track for the better, keeping most of the feels of the original while imparting their own brand of dirty bass.

It should also be noted that this remix comes as the first part of a new series Bad Royale has created called the “Time Traveler’s Survival Kit.” Bad Royale had some words on the inspiration behind the new series:

 The Time Traveler’s Survival Kit are all the tracks we take with us while going on adventures through time. We have to curate these tracks specifically because in time travel, anything can go wrong. You have to make sure you’re bringing the right tunes along with you, just in case you get stuck in an obscure era forever. Plus, you might be able to use them to convince the local people that you are gods and take control of their civilization.

Stream the track below or click HERE for free download!