Back again with one of the most anticipated albums of the year, the notorious Sam Binga shatters boundaries with his urban-fitted LP entitled Wasted Days. With highly existent dancehall roots fused into deep-cutting 808’s, Binga delivers a “propa” smasher of an album. Wasted Days contains tracks ranging from originals with returning collaborators such as Fox and Chimpo, all the way to the exclusive revival remix of “Ayo” feat. Redders by the one and only Ivy Lab. This album can only be described as the intertwining of mechanical footwork, high-strung crunk beats, and a heavy tracklist fueled with the influences of the notorious sound design Critical Music has promoted since its conception. This album packs a total of 17 digital originals with a variety of collaborators scattered throughout (with a few surprises for digital purchase). Two separate vinyl releases are also being unleashed to the world with one being the exclusive Ivy Lab remixes of “Ayo” and “Greatest Distance”.

When I put on my headphones and began my first listen, I couldn’t help but contemplate “is this album really going to come top his previous EP Tek Nuh Chat?” As it unfolds, after about two hours of repeatedly rinsing this masterpiece of a release (and probably annoying the piss out of my neighbors), the answer is yes. Hell yes.

A personal favorite from the album would be a massive heavy-hitting collaboration with the one known as Om Unit entitled “Reclaim.” This tune kicks off with a funky high-pitched synth pattern complimented by a floor-thumping kick drum that is quickly transitioned into the introduction of metallic high hats and the forecasting of dark pads. Before long, the majority of sound is pulled back and slammed right back into listener’s ears as signature Sam Binga and Om Unit make you seriously question how bad your speakers must be redlining.

Overall, Wasted Days was entirely worth the wait. The framework created by Binga’s blend of inner-city descent and next level production skills are sure to supplement listeners until his next return, to blow our minds once more. Until then, let’s waste our days, shall we?