Apparently, a Quiznos parody video staring the cast of The Maze Runner sequel “Out of the Maze and into the Playa” has struck a chord with the yearly Burning Man gathering.

According to Spokesperson Jim Graham Burni, Quiznos infringed upon Burning Man’s intellectual property.

“We are pretty proactive about protecting our 10 principles, one of which is decommodification,” Graham said. “We get a quite a number of requests each year from companies wanting to gift participants with their product or to capture imagery or video of their products at the event, and we turn them all down.”

The gathering has been adamant in the past about that particular principle, as more and more Fortune 500 companies look toward the 65,000+ person gathering as a goldmine for guerrilla marketing. A similar lawsuit to the one considered against Quiznos was taken against Girls Gone Wild and Burning Man won.

“We’ll be coordinating with our legal team to see what action we can take,” Graham said. “It’s usually solved with a phone call or an email.” Burning Man and Quiznos had not been in contact as of yesterday.


SourceH/T | Image via Reuters/Shannon Stapleton