Zedd, at only 25 years old, is arguably one of the most successful electronic musicians of this era. His debut album Clarity was the breakout record of 2012, and his follow up of this year, True Colors, has seen one of the most extravagant publicity campaigns that we have ever seen.

Media publication MUCH caught up with Zedd at Digital Dreams festival to ask him some questions about his influences, goals and more in a short but dense interview. One of the answers that stood out was Zedd’s vehement disapproval for being shoved inside of the EDM “box” as he calls it.

I’ve been making metal for far longer than I’ve been making electronic music; and I’ve been making classical for far longer than I’ve been making electronic music. So technically, I’m still new to EDM. That’s why it’s so important for me that people don’t ever put me in the EDM box because maybe I’ll want to make an entirely acoustic album next, and I want to make sure people know that’s me.

He actually reinforces his aversion to the EDM pigeon-hole with mention of his most powerful influences, listing off bands like King Crimson and Queen. He cites the variable song and chord structures as influences on his music when he gets writer’s block.

Listen to the full interview below.


Photo via Rukes